How did Daniel and I spend 1 full day exploring the city of Prague? Read to find out how we managed to see it all in one day.


We only had one day to explore Prague, so we had to make the most of it. Daniel signed up us for a Free Walking Tour of the city and that was the best decision we ever made. Our tour guide was amazing and we learned so much about the history of Prague that neither of us had ever heard of. We found out that close to nothing was destroyed in Prague during World War II, which is pretty incredible. Everything in Prague is insanely old because of this, which made it all that much more interesting.

We started the tour in Old Town Square, which is close to where Daniel and I were staying. In the square alone, there is so much history and beautiful architecture to admire. Our group probably spent 45 minutes there talking about the past and looking at all of the details that our guide was pointing out to us. Basically, if Daniel and I had done it on our own, we would’ve walked through the square, taken some pictures, and left to move on to the next thing. We wouldn’t have noticed the different types of buildings or the symbols on the front of houses which used to be their addresses. We wouldn’t have learned how the language came about in Prague, nor the long history of the city being taken over. We are extremely glad that we signed up for this tour, and I highly recommend you do too if you are ever in a new city!

Here are some of the highlights and pictures that we took during our 3 hr walking tour.

Old Town Square


Beautiful buildings and architecture throughout the streets.

IMG_1128 (1)IMG_1125IMG_1195

St. Charles Bridge and views of the famous Prague Castle.


We ended our Free Walking Tour with these Castle and Bridge views. We could’ve then decided to walk across Charles Bridge to the other side of the town to continue with our own tour, but instead, we decided to take a paid tour of the castle. The tour was recommended to us, and it was definitely worth it. It cost about €12 each, which included a tram ticket to get up there as well. The castle and its surroundings were so big that the castle tour took another 2-3 hours. We ended up having our same lovely guide, and she took us through the gardens (which are closed during the winter), and then we walked through the never-ending castle walls, and we finished up touring the inside of the insanely amazing Cathedral. We even got to sneak in a quick changing of the guards, which happens every hour on the hour.

Prague Castle Gardens


Castle Views – Inside and Out


Changing of the Guard


St. Vitus Cathedral – Inside and Out

IMG_1172IMG_1184 (1)IMG_1177

Overall, both tours were amazing. We learned so much about Prague’s history, and we could probably do the tour again with a different guide to learn and see even more.

Once the tours were over, it was getting darker and we decided to walk around a little more as we found a place to eat and drink at. The views of the city are stunning at night as well.

Night Views of the City


In the morning before we left, I realized I still hadn’t seen the John Lennon Peace Wall, and I wasn’t leaving without doing so. So Daniel and I quickly walked across Charles Bridge to the other side of town to find this wall. And we found it, and it wasn’t busy, and it was great. I was very happy as we took a quick pic and scurried off to make the long drive home to Munich.

John Lennon Peace Wall



We stayed in a spacious studio apartment right in Old Town. We used for our stay, but Airbnb had a lot of options as well. I would highly recommend staying in this central location. There are tons of bars, restaurants, and tourist attractions within 5-10 minutes walking distance. We rented a car, and we didn’t even use it once because we walked everywhere.

Also, on the note of Parking.. it’s terrible in Prague. I wouldn’t recommend bringing/renting a car unless the place you are staying offers parking of some sort. Our place let us “buy” a permit for €25/day, to be able to park in the residential parking around the city.


We sure do love a good bar and restaurant!

For drinking we recommend The Dubliner Irish Pub – they had a good atmosphere, as most Irish pubs do, which is why we like them so much. We also went to a great little beer bar that had really good craft beers for suuuper cheap. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it or find it on Google. Fortunately, Prague is known for how much beer they drink, so you could pretty much walk down any little street or alleyway and find one, two, three plus bars or pubs in a row. There is definitely no shortage of drinking there.

For food, we went to two really good restaurants for dinner, and one for lunch. The first night, we arrived in Prague pretty late and had a really long day of driving. We both were craving something familiar, so we found this amazing Mexican restaurant on Google that had great reviews (Agave Restaurant). We went without a reservation, and even though it was Monday night, they almost didn’t have a table for us. But we were seated, and we soon discovered that the couple to our right was American, and the couple to our left… also American. I guess if you are travelling and find a highly rated Mexican restaurant, you’ll probably find it crawling with Americans! Either way, it was delicious. From the guac and chips to the shaken margaritas, it felt pretty authentic to me. I was happy! The next day we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch between tours, (we love Vietnamese food) and we were very happy with our meals. I had some yummy pho, and it satisfied my longtime craving for Vietnamese. That night we went to a restaurant called Mincova that had authentic Czech cuisine, and it was so delicious. Again, we didn’t have a reservation and once again almost didn’t get seated. But we lucked out and managed to grab a table. This place was a bit fancier than a standard restaurant, but still very affordable. We were served the most delicious meals – and we were so pleased with everything. If I could offer any advice when trying to find a place for dinner, make a reservation! Although we were lucky, the couples that proceeded to come in a few minutes after us were not so lucky. Also, if you are fans like Daniel and I, be sure to stop by the Hard Rock Cafe that they have in central Prague. Woot woot!


This is a very short post about Prague because well, we were there for a very short time! We had one full day in the city and tried our best to make it every minute count!  We plan to go back again and visit the many many museums that are available to see, that we didn’t have time to do this trip. I hope you enjoyed reading about our one-day vacay in Prague, and if you have any recommendations in general, feel free to leave a comment below!

– Rylee

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  1. That looks like an awesome trip! I can’t wait to show these pictures to Tess. Love the history, especially the old church. Incredible! So glad you are traveling and exploring every place you go!! xoxox

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