Please excuse my terrible pun for a title.. but can I just say Nice is seriously gorgeous and you should visit if you get the chance to! I’m posting these photos on here extremely late (we visited pre-covid times and my insta was flooded with them back in 2019), but I just never got around to doing an entire blog post on it.

SO, here I go… please enjoy my large photo dump of one of the prettiest places on earth!!

I would like to start out by showcasing our love of good food and great drinks by the water!

Of course you cannot miss the beautiful blue water beaches! They were mostly pebble/rock beaches where we were staying, but we did manage to take one day trip by bus over to Villefranche beach, where we dug our toes into the lovely sandy beach there.

Just plain gorgeous. Postcard perfect. Blue Beach.

Cutest village town. Sandy beaches. Villefranche-su-Mer.

We took another day trip over to check out Monaco – the second smallest country in the world! We saw the entire country in just 2 hours.. hehehe. While it was beautiful, there wasn’t much to do there. And it did cost us an arm and leg for a bottle of water, so we left fairly quickly. It was an easy train to catch from Nice though, so we had to do it. I definitely recommend going if you have time.

Big yachts, fancy casinos and expensive drinks! Monaco.

After all, Nice is in the heart of the freakin’ French Riviera, so it is just an absolute dream. We went for about a week and a half and had a lot of time to swim, tan, eat, drink, explore and much more! We had a lovely view from our apartment and even got to cook some local seafood from the market for dinner.
We did a few “hikes” up to the top of the cliffs for the views, but it was so hot we were extremely sweaty. There is so much to enjoy and do in Nice, and what can I say, it’s a very ‘nice’ place 😉

Views. For. Days.

I hope my pictures make you want to jump on a plane right now! I know we all have the travel bug after a very long year… but I cannot recommend Nice enough. It was extremely affordable and had everything you could want on a relaxing vacation.

Thanks for reading!

Rylee ❤

2 thoughts on “It’s nice in NICE, FR

  1. 👍you didn’t visit the casinos? Free drinks for the “Thirsty Rich and Famous”! Thanks for all the great pics of the beautiful places you are so lucky to visit. I enjoyed your trip too! 🤗🤗💗💗 😍👋


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