It has been a long time since I have spent my winter holiday at the desert, but ever since my parents bought a holiday/weekend home on a golf course near Palm Springs, California, we have been here more often than not. Since moving to New Zealand in late 2016, we have only been back to California a few times, but we always make sure to hit the desert house at least once while we’re here.

Since we were able to be in California for Christmas and the holidays this year, we tried to take full advantage of all the fun things that are put on specifically for the holiday season. One event in particular we loved seeing was the WildLights at Palm Desert. I went with my family when I was young, but I couldn’t really remember seeing them. We had the chance to go this year, and it was wonderful. WildLights is an event that is put on only during Christmastime at the Living Desert (which is a zoo in Palm Desert), and lasts for about a month. The entire zoo is decorated with Christmas lights, and you walk around to see everything lit up, including some of the animal areas. It is a great family outing and I highly recommend it, but remember to bring a jacket because the desert can be pretty cold at night!

I took a few photos as we were walking around that I’ve attached below. Enjoy and thanks for reading! ❤


IMG_8857 (1)


IMG_8900 (1)

IMG_8901 (1)

IMG_8896 (1)




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– Ry

One thought on “Christmas at the Desert

  1. Hi Rylee, it was indeed very beautiful and interesting and so nice to see this with you and all of you, I wish you well honey and hope you are having a safe trip back to N.Z., ❤️ Grammie

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